The original Pokemon GO Bot.

Created by Jabbink

One of the first
Pokemon GO bots to be released to the public.

The Pokemon GO Bot, often stylized as PGOBot, is one of the first well running bots avaliable not only on Windows, but Linux and Mac as well. It was created by Jasper Abbink, a developer from the Netherlands. As the bot started gaining momentum, many started to jump in and contribute to the bot. Now it is one of the most popular bots Pokemon Go has ever seen. These are the installation steps:

Download from GitHub
Download the bot (.jar and source code available) and place it in a folder.
Download the config file
Download "" from GitHub as well. Open your preferred text editor and add your credentials and latitude/longitude.
Run the bot hi hi
After downloading and getting your creditentials in the config file, cd into your folder, and run the command 'java -jar [FILE LOCATION HERE]'. After that, the bot is running!



There is a lot of output with the reason WHY the build fails, please read it through carefully and fix any errors mentionned in the output.

I get an AsyncPokemonGoException: Unknown exception occurred / Error running loop ProfileLoop! / Error running loop BotLoop!

Only that is not enough, check the whole stacktrace for the correct error.

After login I see Accepting ToS and get a RemoteServerException: Your account may be banned! please try from the official client.

If you CAN login to the official client, complete the tutorial (catch your first pokemon, touch your first pokestop) and try again. If you CAN'T login in the official client but see "Error fetching game data": RIP items/eggs/pokemons, your account got permabanned. You knew this was possible since you did read and violate the ToS of the official game.

More questions and answers here.

Discord Support Server

Join the Discord server for notifications about updates, get help, and talk with the devs!

Risks and Warnings

By using this bot, you are acknowleding the fact that you could get banned and lose all items with it. Jabbink and other contributors are not resposbible for what you do with this bot. As long as you use the bot responsibly you should be ok however.